Digital Print on Polyester and hand tufting.
Fly Up Emerald detail (digital print on polyester)
Inspired by the line “I think he saw a moment where he could fly up emerald, make his mark”.
Man Coming Back as a Bird - Emma Lew 2001.
Movement and flow of migration.  Flux of identity and optimism.
Along New Lines detail (digital print on polyester, hand tufting)
The design aims to exemplify the way in which culture should be allowed to “propagate along new lines” (McKenzie, 2001).
The Third Space
 The overlap of different identities creates the opportunity for new outcomes.
If you would like more background information on this collection, feel free to contact me.
Kinsella, J. (2003) Anthologising the Nation.
Lew, E. (2001) Man Coming Back as a Bird.

McKenzie, W. (2001) Elsewhere.

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