Danielah's work has been featured in local and international design exhibitions and publications. She has been a panelist on topics such as creativity, collaboration and the emerging design scene. 
Women in Design (panelist) - Presented by Design Institute of Australia and Dr. Cathy Lockhart (2018)
Sketching Process
- Inspirational Sketches from Australian Designers (2017)
2016 Shortlist IDEA Awards - Event Category, Exhibition Installation (with Cox Architecture and Tappeti) (2016)
Top 10 Emerging Designers - DQ Magazine (Issue 57 Autumn 2015)
Power Personalities: The Emerging Players Series (panelist) - Sydney Indesign 2015, DQ Round Table
The Project: Stand design by Cox Architecture with Tappeti - Sydney Indesign 2015
Playing Nice - DQ Magazine (Issue 56 Summer 2015)
Where are the Women? - Sydney Design 2014
The Tandem Project with Tom Fereday - Exhibition and Panel Discussion 2014
Interwoven - Exhibition Tappeti, DesignEx 2014

Design Quarterly Magazine - Issue 57 Autumn 2015. The Power Issue.


Design Quarterly Magazine - Issue 56 Summer 2015. The Change Issue.

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